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Elad Weinberg, the man behind Tsabeat and Sattel Battle projects first appeared on psytrance scene in 2002 after playing guitar for five years in several punk and metal bands ( for example The Black Flies and Chaos Rabak). Around this time he started getting into sound engineering, and after five intense years of music production and spinning at countless parties, Elad (Tsabi) started to release his audio gems with respectable labels like Gi'iwa, Zaikadelic, Parvati , Doof, Vertigo, and Geomagnetic. Elad likes to collaborate with his brothers in arms and succeeded joining forces with Neuron compost, Highko , G.O.W. , Ankur, Optical Human ,Texas Faggott, Haltya, Guinea Pigs, and many more. Tsabeat consciously leans to the darker side of trance with the intension to keep the night time psychedelic and full-power as possible. Sattel Battle project is a more on the funky melodic side of Tsabi, happy atmospheric morning though still psychedelic. Debut Sattel Battle album "Sounds Cool" was released by Gi'iwa in 2007.

Released tracks:

Tsabeat vs Optical Human - Madbeat
VA - Trauma Trance (Mistress of Evil), Nov 2005

Tsabeat vs Optical Human - CDx4
VA - Play Way (Doof), Jan 2006

Tsabeat - Coloring the night
VA - Neverending Story (Zaikadelic records), Jun 2006

Tsabeat - Magletcha
VA - Psy Stories II (Parvati Records, May 2006

Tsabeat vs Spazzz - Electrical Activity
VA - Trip Controllers (Geomagnetic), Sep 2006

Tsabeat - Intense Radioactive
VA - Digital Drugs: Double The Dose (Geomagnetics), Nov 2006

Optical Human vs Tsabeat - Saturday Horns
VA - The Meaning of Life (Vertigo Records), Jan 2007

Upcoming shows
July 19, 2008
Reutlingen / Germany

July 25, 2008
Khan Altay Festival in Altay Mountains / Russia

Aug 2, 2008
Lukomor'e party in Moscow / Russia (Ocelot, Tsabeat, Psyco Zaika, Sattel Battle, Logic Bomb, Magnetrixx)

news releases artists parties music contact