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In 2003 Peter Takac and Adam Hohmann (Para Halu) have formed The Path to establish a different, more tech-ish psychedelic trance project than the most. The project got some attention that time, their first appearance was on Goa Gil's compilation VA - Karmageddon (2005). Actually it was a Freaking (Parasense) remix made by Zolod of "The Path - Cacao" track. After that, the project seemed dead for a while, but in 2007 it reappeared with a track on VA - On the Right Path (Psylife rec). In 2007 we have also done a split album with Para Halu: Para Halu On The Path - Wide Range (Zaikadelic rec). Both Para Halu and The Path split up, and those are separate tracks from Adam, Andras and Peter. A quite experimental psychedelic concept-album that shows new directions in psytrance. The Path first presentation was at Earthdance 2007 in Hungary. That was the last gig together with Para Halu and their next stop was Tokyo, Japan in February 2008 where The Path and Para Halu already played separately. So Peter Takac is doing the project alone since 2008.

Released albums:

Album: Para Halu on the Path - Wide Range
Zaikadelic, Jan 2008

1. Flash Signal
5. Methedrine Wave
8. Blackhole
9. Radar


Released tracks:

The Path - Stormtrooper
VA - Dream Surfer (Zaikadelic),
coming soon..

Upcoming shows
June 13, 2008
Superfly party in Israel (The Path, Psyco Zaika, Puoskari)


news releases artists parties music contact