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Psychoz is solo project by Zoran Zlatkovski from Nurnberg, Germany. The project started in 1997 and had his first release "Jupiter" in 2000. In the beginning of 2002 followed his second release with 11 tracks on his debut album on Avatar Records, Israel. Psychoz has been working with experimental dark tribal project “White Teeth” including two professional drummers for live performances and has released CD for Macedonian label Lithium Records and re-released by Martins Records. His style is very unique and has elements from psycore, darkpsy, twisted, forest, experimental, industrial, tribal, morning, gothic and other variation forms of psytrance which results in releasing various tracks on most respected underground psy labels. Psychoz has been also involved in mastering of few albums and compilations. He had joined Zaikadlic Records in 2006.

Released tracks:

Psychoz - Get over it
VA - Neverending Story 2 (Zaikadelic Records), Apr 2007

Psychoz - The Exorcist
VA - Shaman Sound Temple (Namaha), Apr 2007

Album: Psychoz - Spirits of the Dead (Trishula), Jan 2007
1. Spirtis of the Dead
2. Wood ghost (old version)
3. Pandora
4. Orion
5. Kneel
6. Angel Sanctuary
7. Dirty Wash
8. Aurora
9. Spaceship

Psychoz - The Beginning
VA - Earth Mutations (Dark Life), Dec 2006

Psychoz - Imaginary Friends
VA - Analog Charon (Plutonic), Nov 2006

Psychoz - Nonsense Voodoo Curse
VA - Black Project: D.A.T.A. (Mass Abdunction), Nov 2006

Psychoz - All of them
VA - Digital Drugs: Double The Dose (Geomagnetic), Nov 2006

Psychoz - Right now
VA - Trip Controllers (Geomagnetic), Sep 2006

Album: Psychoz - Psychoz (Avatar), Apr 2002

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