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Para Halu soundscapes are created by Adam Hohmann in Hungary. After years of experimenting instruments and electronic music production in different styles from ambient to breaks, he founded the psytrance project in 2002 and has been running it with a partner first (Andras Fekete) who later left the project. Para Halu released countless tracks on a number of well-respected labels of the psychedelic scene before finishing the first album. Self-released "No Para Full Halu" was followed by "The World Of Peace" at Parvati Records in 2005 and another conceptual album called "Space Rock" at Zaikadelic in 2007.

During the past years Adam performed at almost all the big international psytrance festivals such as Full Moon in Germany, Universo Paralello in Brazil or Soulclipse in Turkey, and keeps touring the world’s finest underground dancefloors from Japan to Brazil with his energetic-atmospheric live sets.

Para Halu’s music was always evolving and turning to new directions and dimensions. Recently released collaboration album "Wide Range" (with the side-project The Path) shows even more fusions and melodies than the earlier Para Halu works and while rooted on pure energetic psytrance, it is a tricky combination of dark yet emotional atmospheres, hunting progressive beats, futuristic baselines and retrospective goa-trance vibes.

Released albums:

Album: Para Halu on the Path - Wide Range
Zaikadelic, Jan 2008

2. Naplement
4. Babylon
6. Cybertalp
10.Alien Symphony

Album: Para Halu - Space Rock
Zaikadelic, Jan 2007

1. Flipper
2. Popeyote
3. Crunchy Christ
4. Space Rock
5. Matter Of Course
6. Karcos Harcos
7. Manntraxxx
8. Cacao Remix
9. Glowing Steel
10.Ironiq Iron




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