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Ukraine based rising star "Overdream" are Makus and Dana Do. The band has been evolved in activities related to the music industry since the late 90's. Makus, who is influenced not only by psychedelic trance but by ambient music, psy dub and jazz, functions as a sound engineer in a production studio in Kiev, specializes in TV and radio advertising and is considered a dominator in the local broadcast media. Aside splitting his time between Overdream and studies at Kiev University of Culture and Arts, he runs his solo project as Makus, with previous releases on Deja Vu Records, Sostoyanie Records and Cytopia Records. Back in 1999, Makus started working as a DJ and parties organizer in Odessa, being a member of two promo groups - "Alien" DJs (that was specializing in underground electronic dance music) and "S.O.A.P. Sound System" (specializing in psychedelic trance music andculture). Also he was working as a RJ on two radio projects - "Pulse" and "Ohm..." on Radio Fil 102.2 FM. In April 2007, Makus joined the web basedlabel NoCode Music as A&R. Dana Do is the newest member of Overdream. She joined the thebandSeptember 2006. Being a professional writer, journalist and editor, she was always into electronic music, and especially psychedelic trance. Back in 2002-2004 Dana lived active life in Odessa,Ukraine, being DJ (the only one psytrance girl dj on the local scene that time) and producer of psychedelic trance parties and events. In 2004 she was invited to move to Moscow, Russian Federation, and start working at the label, production studio and publishing house 'Emergency Exit'. There Dana took active part in promoting chill out projects like "Mungusid - Influence of Moonlight", "Tea ceremonies music", "Opium Ceremonies music", "Safety Magic-Safety Magic" as producer and some audio-visual media projects like "Dirty Eva's Diary", "Presnya Dialogues" etc as producer and lyrics writer. After moving to Kyiv (Ukraine) in summer 2006, Dana joined Overdream as composer, dj and producer, adding her magic flavor to the Overdream music and performance style. The outcome of this collaboration is a super dancey night psychedelic production.

Released tracks:

Overdream - The Common Sense
VA - Night Vision (Avatar), Aug 2007

Overdream - Click Here
VA - Neverending Story 3 (Zaikadelic Records), Nov 2007

Overdream - Huge Hub
VA - Solar System (Skygravity), Dec 2007

Overdream - Rapa Nui
VA - The Riddle Of Isla De Pascua (Avatar), July 2008

Album: Overdream - Wonderwide (Avatar), Dec 2008
1. Wonderwise
2. Sunrise Mind Trick
3. Fiji Island
4. Extraterrestrial Travellers
5. Mista Twista
6. Aqua Boga Djerba
7. Daisy Lemonade
8. Animated Mess
9. Sacrosanct Toucan

Overdream - Liquid Dots
VA - Mfkzt (Skygravity), Apr 2009

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