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Aaron Peacock aka Ocelot makes music and travels Planet Earth playing it at parties and festivals. Aaron came from a musical family and plays lots of instruments. As a child he wanted to be an orchestra conductor when he grew up. The San Francisco psy scene of the 90's greatly influenced him as did the culture of psychedelics in general. Once "turned on" at age 18 there was no going back. The culture of psy trance provided a home for this bit of star matter we call Ocelot. An Ocelot is a wild spotted cat and is NOT a knight of any table round or otherwise. Aaron has joined Zaikadelic Records in 2007 with his groundbreaking zaikadelic album "9 Lives".


Released albums:

Album: Ocelot - 9 Lives
Zaikadelic, Oct 2006

1. Ride the WAV
2. Dream Waves
3. Bananas
4. Instinctual Logic
5. Future Communication
6. X-drive
7. Toy Boat
8. Carrier Wave
9. Thoughts per Second

Ocelot - PsyMaTiX
2007 Dropout Productions

Ocelot - DreamSelector
2006 Vertigo Records
(melodic morning trance fusion)

Ocelot - VectorSelector
2005 Dropout Productions

Ocelot - Aural Sects
2002 Strange Attractor / Ceiba Records
(minimal & psytrance)

Upcoming shows
December 13, 2008
JMT party in Moscow (Ocelot, Encephalopaticys, Saikozaurus, Psyco Zaika)

July 08, 2008

July 25, 2008
Khan Altay Festival in Altay Mountains / Russia

Aug 2, 2008
Lukomor'e party in Moscow / Russia (Ocelot, Tsabeat, Psyco Zaika, Sattel Battle, Logic Bomb, Magnetrixx)

Aug 11, 2008
Boom Festival in Portugal

Sep 20, 2008
UPS party in Switzerland

Oct 4, 2008
Shanti party in Rome / Italy

Oct 11, 2008
Traumfaenger party in Dusseldorf / Germany

news releases artists parties music contact