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Encephalopaticys is the project of Vasko Velickovski. The name of the project sound weird, but that is how his music realy is. He is born and living in Macedonia a place full of high hills and spirits unknown for most of the listeners, Macedonia is another reason of his unique style and powerful sound.

He started Dj ing in 2001,and as an extreme type of person after couple of eyers he found DJ ing as a bridge to something that will build a path leading to his dream-creating his own visions into sounds. After few years of djing and more time spend with psychedelic music, he start to experiment with the psychedelic sounds, starting to create his own sounds, in his studio.

The project Encephalopaticys is born 2003. Its hard to find the right words to describe his music some will say it hard, dark powerful night trance, Ill say its sound that came from one identity one person one mind simply Encephalopaticys. In this project Vasko works on very powerful dark sound, with deep bass line followed by psychedelic sounds and scary forest atmospheres, inspired by the high hills, the surrounding spirits and the oxygen poison.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him. EnJOY it.

Released tracks:

Encephalopaticys - Last wish
VA - What is the rush? (Alcaloid), Mar 2005

Demogorgon vs Encephalopaticys - Isometric constitution
VA - Booo (Doof), Mar 2005

Encephalopaticys - Azara
VA - Yes or No (Vertigo), Nov 2005

Atriohm vs Encephalopaticys - Crazy fantazy
VA - Over Identity (Xilium), Dec 2005

Encephalopaticys - Process
VA - Acidsport (Vertigo), Feb 2006

Encephalopaticys - Intellectual Homons
VA - Psy Stories 2 (Parvati), May 2006

Album: Encephalopaticys - Psychotermic Meditation (Alcaloid), Jul 2006

Encephalopaticys - Red ball
VA - Surreal Detachment (Bhooteshwara), Sep 2006

Atriohm vs Encephalopaticys - Among the starts
VA - Jitter Glow (Aura Quake), coming soon...

news releases artists parties music contact